Do you experiment with different ways to smoke/vape/ingest your drugs?

Submitted by Raven in AskRaddle

For example, I recently discovered that if you slightly warm up cannabis edibles or oil, it'd speed up the high, but if you mix with boiled hot drink, it'd kill the THC effect. And mixing cannabis oil with coffee gives you very confused trip, like I have right now. I also mixed Adderal with vodka, and it almost killed me years back.

Also why don't we have f/trees or f/drugs?


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videl wrote

tried weed milk tea once. wouldnt recommend it


celebratedrecluse wrote

i think i'm currently experimenting with a greater degree of sobriety


betterletter wrote (edited )

we do have f/drugs actually. (edit: and f/trees but its not for weed lol)

and uh I'm currently sober/straight edge but I'm considering picking up a tobacco habit again even though I know I shouldnt. Idk Im a pretty bland guy so I've never tried anything besides the "standard" route of smoking cigs and weed from a bong


Raven OP wrote

Tobacco is hard, doing other stuff is probably much more healthy than smoking cigs. Also getting off tobacco takes forever.

I currently can't smoke cigs and joints cos i'm recovering from pneumonia. I used to smoke like 2 or 3 joints a day until I cough up blood and shit. Can't even smoke DMT anymore. Now I just ingest edibles and pills. I also stopped drinking cos I didn't want to have liver failure.


betterletter wrote

yeah I would only smoke if i could limit myself to 3-4 cigs a week, i dont want an addiction on my hands even though thats hard to avoid


bloodrose wrote

You can't. You literally can't. Tobacco has been selectively bred to be so fucking addictive. As one who has had to quit multiple times...don't do it. Just don't do it. You've smoked before, the nicotine has rewired your brain already. Just stay away from now on.


betterletter wrote

good plan. thanks for the encouragement. I wont. not worth it.


crabbity wrote

Yeah just want to reiterate as a constantly-struggling-to-quit cigarette smoker, that nicotine ranks third behind opioids and barbiturates for its addictive potential, just ahead of cocaine.

MAYBE you could swing a few cigarettes a week, but why? If you can get a hold of weed, it is vastly superior in every way. If you want a social habit, get a nice vape box and some nicotine-free juice. The tobacco flavored ones aren't exactly like cigarettes, but there are some good flavors. Personally, I go with menthol juices, since they "feel" the most like a cigarette to me and the brain.


betterletter wrote

Thank you... That's sort of my main issue being straight edge... What do I do in social situations, parties? Hold a soda? I don't even have caffiene and I avoid sugar


[deleted] wrote (edited )


mike425mobile wrote

I've been using a Volcano (Storz & Bickel) for years to vaporize cannabis flower. Switching to a vaporizer is a huge amount of organ harm reduction vs smoking, and could mean, if you're an enthusiast, the difference between growing a cancer tumor and not.


Fossidarity wrote

Weed brownies are pretty nice. Hashish in a shisha can be very tasty, don't replace the water with alcohol though, it'll fuck you up..

Also never snort any crystals, even if you grind them.

I've heard "good" things about mushroom tea but I've never tried it.

You can also smoke DMT from salvia leaves, but the salvia kind of ruins the trip so not sure if it's worth it.