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betterletter wrote

good plan. thanks for the encouragement. I wont. not worth it.


crabbity wrote

Yeah just want to reiterate as a constantly-struggling-to-quit cigarette smoker, that nicotine ranks third behind opioids and barbiturates for its addictive potential, just ahead of cocaine.

MAYBE you could swing a few cigarettes a week, but why? If you can get a hold of weed, it is vastly superior in every way. If you want a social habit, get a nice vape box and some nicotine-free juice. The tobacco flavored ones aren't exactly like cigarettes, but there are some good flavors. Personally, I go with menthol juices, since they "feel" the most like a cigarette to me and the brain.


betterletter wrote

Thank you... That's sort of my main issue being straight edge... What do I do in social situations, parties? Hold a soda? I don't even have caffiene and I avoid sugar