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ziq wrote (edited )

It's hard to choose just one family so I'm going with one tree fruit, one vine fruit, one root vegetable, one forestry tree, one leaf vegetable and one weed.

Tree Fruit: Pomegranate. They store well, need very little fertilizer or water input, are pest-free and the white / pink ones are low-acid and super sweet.

Vine Fruit: Grape. So many uses, so many different flavors and colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

Root Vegetable: Jerusalem Artichokes. Taste way better than potatoes and are somehow crispy even when boiled. Are even delicious raw. Crosnes is a runner up and has the benefit of looking like maggots.

Forestry: Cypress. Incredible variety and they grow in almost every climate.

Leaf Vegetable: Mache / cornsalad. Like tiny nutty lettuces.

Weed: Claytonia perfoliata; Miners lettuce. No green tastes better.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

Jerusalem artichokes are almost a pest in our garden. THEY GROW ALL BY THEMSELVE HOLY SHIT. Apparently the older generation cant stand them because they ate them all the time during WWII and are sick of them, and I understand, they grow so well around here. Also it's satisfying af to pick a few kilos in a few minutes.

How do you eat them? Do you grate them when they're raw? what's your favorite recipe with them? We dont really like them, usually we eat them in a soup. I'm interested in other recipes.


ziq wrote

I'm the worst person to ask about recipes. I just put whatever food I have in a bowl and eat it.


Silverfish wrote

If I had to pick just one, Bradbury's beebalm (Monarda bradburiana)

They're very hardy, fertile, perennial flowers that can flourish even in very shady and dry areas. Because of this, they form an important part of many urban ecosystems because they're a very good source of pollen and nectar to foundational pollinators and their leaves are essential to the life cycles of many different species of caterpillar. Vacant lots can be turned into entire ecosystems in this way.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

elderflower: the flowers can be turned into syrup (and even "elderflower champaign"), the berries can be turned into syrup and jam and they're full of antioxidants, so it's good for your health, the wood can be turned into a whistle. Also they're pretty when they grow on the side of roads.


Professor_Rowan OP wrote

I just realized Imma get a lot of weed jokes over things like "Amaranth" or "Oak" or something like that lol, whoops


Mango wrote

Mint. You can grow on most soil types.


n_n wrote (edited )

Rubus fruticosus, they are everywhere where I am. Love to climb them and pick blackberries.


zzuum wrote

As for plants I've grown myself, definitely tomato. They just produce so much! I also enjoy aloe but I've only used it for the looks so it's second place.


sudo wrote

Cannabis, for obvious reasons.


6cd6beb wrote

Potato for sure. Love me some hashbrowns.