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zzuum wrote (edited )

Yes. It's destroying the environment for oil which we have so much of already. And as Had an Minaj pointed out, if we use all the oil we have already mined, we will raise the Earth's temperature to unlivable temperatures.


bloodrose wrote (edited )

I remember being young and ignorant, thinking peak oil isn't a problem because of oil shale and oil sands. Now we see what damage fracking does to the environment and uh, hey, it literally causes earthquakes. I wish I could go smack young me.


Snowy OP wrote (edited )

They covered up those environments impact for most people.


LanguageBot wrote

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heckthepolice2 wrote

Yes, I am a human being capable of reasoning and caring about things


Majrelende wrote

Is this just another way to say “Do you want to live on a survivable planet?”