Mailing pills?

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How would one package a couple pills to send to a friend? Asking for a friend of a friend of course.


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celebratedrecluse wrote

Obtain a supplement which is packaged as gelcaps. Vitamin B supplements frequently are packaged this way.

Purchase empty gel caps-- you can find these online, or if you're paranoid at a health foods store. Make sure to get the same size as the Vitamin supplements you get.

Crush up the pills you are trying to send, and put the contents into a few of the empty gel caps. Mark these caps with a tiny dot (use a permanent marker). After you have put the pill powder in, and sealed the gel caps up, make sure to wash them under the sink to get any pill residue off the outside of the gel caps.

Add these gel caps to the vitamin B gel cap jar. Mix them around the container so they are not sitting right on top of the vitamin B gel caps, just in case someone gets to poking around inside the package. The pills will now be essentially indistinguishable to the security measures they use in the mail systems-- X-ray photography, and other imaging techniques. Hopefully, you've also washed the caps thoroughly, so even dog sniffing will probably be fruitless.

I would recommend only putting about 10% of the container as the crushed up pill gel caps, proportionately. More pills means more residual pill dust microscopically on the gel caps, which means a higher chance of detection by the sniffer dogs.

Depending on what you are shipping, you could do a cold water extraction to remove undesired parts of the pills (acetominophen, etc), and reduce the volume you need to pack into the gel caps, as well as the volume of pill dust that will end up inevitably on the outside parts of the gel caps.

You can consider packing multiple pills into one gel cap, but remember that this will make dosing more difficult, and even potentially dangerous. If it is possible to OD on whatever pills you are talking about here, you are going to want to make sure whoever you're sending it to is responsible and doesn't have a medical emergency-- not only for their own safety, but so that you don't get in a world of legal trouble.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

Additional thoughts--

Vacuum seals around the package are ideal for evasion of the drug sniffing K9s. One can buy from Amazon or other online retailers a machine which automatically wraps an object for you, in an airtight seal. They are used in the shipping industry & mail systems for sensitive materials like electronics, perishables, etc, so I do not think it will look out of place.

However, vacuum seals are only useful if one is careful during the packaging process to avoid any residue getting on any part of the package, especially the outside facing parts. After you seal the package up, wash the outside with cold water and soap. scrub vigorously, but do not use an abrasive; you could poke microscopic holes in the seal.

Another thing you're going to want to be concerned about is fingerprints. Wear appropriate gloves and do not touch anything, inside or outside the package, with your fingertips. This will provide a layer of deniability to the sender, where you can refuse to provide any information to Law Enforcement if they find the package, and a lawyer can argue on your behalf that the package was sent by a person who simply signed your actual.

Drop the package off at a drop point: ideally, with no humans around, far away from where you usually live/work/hang out. Wear a jacket, sunglasses, bandanna, etc-- casual black bloc, just enough to conceal your face and any identifying features. Ride your bike or walk-- don't drive, rideshare, or take mass transit if possible.

Here are additional elaborations from an alleged leaked document. Whether or not it's legit, it's still useful & wouldn't hurt to use it as a guidepost.


Finally, consider the possible consequences. There is no need to go to jail over drugs, it is a foolish circumstance that they hold that potential. Mailing drugs is considered a very serious crime if caught in most countries-- it is considered distribution, and the punishments are almost always more steep than if you had simply been caught with them on your person. Consider taking the pills to your friend personally, if you are able-- it is much safer, assuming you are a careful traveler.