Trolley problem variations

Submitted by Snowy in AskRaddle

1)As before, a trolley with tons of explosive is hurtling down a track towards a jerry-built dam... You can divert its path by colliding another trolley into it, but if you do, both will be derailed and go down a hill, and into a yard where a man is sleeping in a hammock. He would be killed. If you don't divert its path, the trolley will hit on the jerry-built dam, at least millions of people will die.

Should you proceed?

2)You can save the five people by pulling a lever, thus diverting the trolley to a different set of tracks where another extraterrestrial is tied up. Do you pull the lever, killing one to save five?


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Snowy OP wrote

For me: Don't divert in 1 and 2 situations.

If I divert, that would be a murder, if I don't divert, it just an accident. I worried about extraterrestrials revenge as well.