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TheLegendaryBirdMonster OP wrote

I would take the blanket that my grandmother knitted for me. Maybe my hard drive with all my photos.


Pop wrote

Hard drive with photos is what I'm going for, but I'm weirdly not sure I care about them that much


no really though it's a tough decision. I have the ID document of a friend of mine so probably that


conseil wrote

I'unno, my e-reader. I'd be kinda bored without it.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I'm assuming since you're saying item, my wives and my pets make it out. I'd take my wool cloak. It'll keep us warm and dry on the street, it's big enough to cover us all as a blanket, I can use it to carry things in a bindle or make a stretcher with some pipes, and I'll die before I give up my scruffy forest witch aesthetic.


ziq wrote

My seed collection.


bloodrose wrote

Having been in a house fire, I know the answer to this. You grab your phone on your way out the door so you can call 911. That's it. If your phone isn't on your way out the door, you exit. Period. Your life is more important than anything. Leave. Leave immediately. Smoke will kill you before you feel the heat from the fire.


PoisonDartFrog wrote

My computer since that's where my life is contained.


betterletter wrote

my acoustic guitar or ukulele. maybe i could busk. or my car if that counts


Raven wrote

Any person or pet. I don't mind giving my life away to save a life.


fuckworldtrade wrote

Let it burn. all that is lost can be found. Unless its a person of course then save the person