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Pop wrote (edited )

Favorite is f/Rate_That_Praxis

Least favorite is f/MEGAlinks

Going to add in a 'most underutilized despite being cool' category and say f/CritiqueThis


sudo wrote

Whatever happened to /f/MEGAlinks? I remember it getting really big about a year ago, then everyone just stopped posting.


Pop wrote

I think somebody said they moved elsewhere


Tequila_Wolf wrote

My favourite is f/Africa! I've tried pretty hard to curate some good stuff in there and have it as a useful resource, despite how troublesome it is to maintain anonymity.
Together with that my favourite wiki is probably w/decolonial.

Probably my least favourite of the popular and politicised forums is f/USA, though I'm glad it exists!


Tequila_Wolf wrote

btw I just edited w/decolonial to include a link to a free pdf of Critique of Black Reason by Achille Mbembe if anybody is looking for something good to read.

I guess I'd recommend the intro to On The Postcolony also if you're not familiar with his stuff. And Necropolitics is probably a pretty important read for any post-leftist.


alex wrote

favorite is either f/Anarchism because there's always good stuff to read or f/AskRaddle, because of conversations. i tend to learn a lot in these two.

least favorite is f/The_Donald maybe? even though i post there sometimes i don't subscribe. i hear about that dude from the liberals in my life and the news, need a break from that shithead. news about him isn't the only news on this planet.