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ziq wrote (edited )

I don't like when people blame one man for the actions of millions. One man can't commit genocide, it takes a whole country working together. Putting all the blame on Hitler just excuses the millions of unnamed people who gleefully participated in making the Holocaust happen for the benefit of their white privilege.

The kids in that video today staring down the indigenous elder would likely line up to genocide non whites if given the opportunity. Those are the faces of genocide. Regular people disgusted by the idea of whiteness not being everything.

Forget about tine travel, we live in a world filled with hatemongers.


BAVC wrote

No. I would kidnap him and raise him as my own, lovingly.


zzuum wrote

To be honest it's an absurd question. We're all geniuses in hindsight. If you see a baby today, how do you know if they'll be a fascist dictator?


kropotkin1842 wrote

No, because he at the time he was a baby, he was just a baby. Like u/BAVC said, I would rather raise him to be a good person