Do you often fight with mods?

Submitted by Snowy in AskRaddle

I often fight with mods on most websites and chat room(including Reddit mods), raddle seems a rare exception for now.

The major reason I often fight with them is that I seem congenitally don't have a concept that someone must superior to others in a group but most human and chimpanzees have this concept. They always build a reality in their mind that someone in the group must be "higher status" than others, it's very difficult for me to understand this at an early age."Education"doesn't work for me at that time, I understand this later by watching chimps documentaries. It's odd, but chimps documentaries are the best way I know that I can understand people.

On internet forums, mods usually are a group of fools that they think they can ban anyone they dislike with their stupid hackable password and "authority"(program permission actually)It just because they want to form a community that they feel comfortable with.


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smolcat wrote

Mods don't typically step on my feet too much so not really no. I also tend to stay on the periphery of online communities however.


Mango wrote

While ago LateStageCapitalism tankie mods pissed off some user, and they hacked an inactive mod then demodded nearly everybody on the sub, and posted trolling shit. Everyone thought that was a coup, because they also replaced all anarchist mods, and I remembered that Enkara was one of them. But the coup was real cos the user bragged about it on T_D.


ziq wrote

I find mods are often representitive of the community because they shape the discourse. so shit people will have shit mods and I won't get along with them.

I weed out any authoritarians on raddle tho with good old fashioned mockery.


neverinNJ wrote

I try to act in a manner not to upset anyone mods included. Life is too short to live in a state of anger etc.


conseil wrote

I used to fight with the mods, but I came to realize its a waste of time because my arguments aren't exactly going to make them step down- I just leave instead.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote

How'd you hear about this place?


Ioseb wrote

I've modded some big reddit subs for years and let me tell you, the only people that fight with mods are reactionaries that would get the wall after the revolution.


Snowy OP wrote

After I fought with mods few times on Reddit, I stopped to post anything on Reddit.