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Pop wrote

Depends what other options you have, and how shit they are in reality

Personally I can't take any hierarchical organisation seriously, and although I'm occasionally in their presence I'm usually just waiting for it to pass while looking for people I might have affinity with on the fringes

Would it be possible for you to introduce texts for them to read that challenge their organisational structures?

More detail would be good if you could give it


emma wrote

The group in question doesn't happen to be the SWP, does it? Stay away, they're rape apologists, and all they do is destroy left-wing movements.


selver wrote

I've worked with some Trots before and it was fine.

But they were sorta just generic leftists and it was a completely non-hierarchical org with anarchists in it. I didn't get into theory with them and I'm sure we would have disagreed.


ziq wrote (edited )

I met with some UK trots 15 years ago and every one of them was a creepy brocialist. Made me lose all interest in socialism for a while.


selver wrote

The one I worked with was just a nice old dude. I'd definitely be more sketched out by a passionate young Trot.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

No, but I also don't consider a lot of people tankies. To me tankies are those who insist on defending figures like Stalin, Castro and Mao from any criticism even when it contradicts what Marx, Lenin, and even sometimes those very figures (more so for Castro and Mao) represent/ed. I can't really hold anything against those who truly are marxist-leninist and who acknowledge the tactical and theoretical issues with their history.


sudo wrote

They're definitely not tankies, lol. I'd work with them for union organizing, as that's not strictly a revolutionary activity.