Can anyone recommend any books?

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I've been looking into getting into activism more, and I want to start by getting information. Any books on leftist activism would be appreciated, though I'm leaning more towards anarchism. Books on communism are good as well though.



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betterletter wrote

Infinite Jest, Society of the Spectacle, the Right to Be Greedy

Camus, Satre, and Nietzsche

Desert... Blessed is the Flame... Baedan

Anything by Fredy Perlman and Stirner

The Conquest of Bread if you haven't read it yet, also Malatesta, Fra Contadini is my favorite of his.

As far as activism goes... look into vegan/green radical zines like Warzone Distro. They can get a little pretentious on the straight-edge front occasionally but other than that... happy reading!


Mango wrote (edited )

Read And Riot by Nadya Tolokonnikova (P*ssy Riot's co-founder) is an excellent cross section on art, nihilism and activism.


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Mango wrote

Oops, sorry, will edit it out. Was quoting an anarchist collective's name whose point was to offend people.


ziq wrote

you don't have to edit that out since it's used in a feminist context. the bot has no understanding of context.


JojoGonal wrote

I'm for classic type. Reading "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus", now, if you are also a classic worm, try this. Or take a look at the apknite Freebooks, it got more than 50,000s books. One of a great treat for me.