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ziq wrote

Firefox and Tor-Browser.


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

I generally use Otter Browser (libre, QT5) since it's a lot lighter than Firefox, and it's config/data files are all tiny and easy to sync up across PCs. Syncing FF manually by it's profile-files (heh) is just utter hell. :p

Otter really gracefully closes and opens-- it takes less than a sec, even on a weak PC-- and even when you force-kill it (task manager, kill -9) it saves all your data, without slowing down or anything. It's great! :D

I would use Firefox 24/7 anyway, but my laptop from 08 is just way too weak and can only run Otter, jajaja

Otter doesn't work on some sites, though (most obvious, Github PRs), so I still use Firefox sometimes if I'm on desktop, or if I can't use Tor with a site.


[deleted] wrote


Mango wrote

Here is a trick with youtube-dl, if you wanted to stream video but didn't want to use web player, stream it through VLC.


neverinNJ wrote

Vivaldi. But some days it crashes.