Is it legal for a school to take your phone when putting you in In-School Suspension?

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Recently I got ISS for some really dumb shit and I've been forced to give up my phone, obviously Im not ok with this for a variety of reasons (schools shootings come to mind, yay usa). Do I have any sort of way to resist this? Im writing this on a school computer at the moment, so I may or may not have given them a broken phone and kept my real phone on my person. In this fictional event do teachers have the right to search my pocket if they believe they see a phone? I may in the future need to know the answer to this as a teacher may ask me to empty out my pockets, to which I might respond that I have no obligation to show them what's in there. I don't really know, I tried looking it up, but I figured like a lawyer here or somebody more adept at internet searches could help me out in finding my rights.

Im in high school

Im in the USA

And if it is relevant, and I trust the user who asks, I will reveal my state in PMs.


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