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hjek wrote

The upvote/downvote system also. [...] And fools always love to look at how many "likes" they can get.

Without a voting system, how is a web forum meant to distinguish between good and bad content? If posts are only sortable by most recent, then useful posts might get buried in spam.

Obviously Facebook and their like system is one big scam, but I'm not sure that generalizes to all voting systems?

Even if voting systems are flawed, how else can a web forum sort the nigella seeds from the mouse poo?

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Censorship: Yes, they own the server, so they can delete everything they dislike and leave everything they like to let you read. There is no free lunch.

I agree that Facebook censorship is a huge problem, but I think it might just be due to Facebook being shit. What really distinguishes spam filtering from censorship? Complete lack of "censorship" / spam filtering can be a form of censorship in itself: having useful information buried in large amounts of bot-submitted ad-spam is not that different from having it deleted, if the result is the same: that it won't be read.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

on raddle upvotes are flawed, people use them to agree/dissagree but also to distinguish between relevant/irrelevant comments.


celebratedrecluse wrote

yeah, democracy has its drawbacks, and as (mostly) anarchists I'm glad we can have critiques of specific implementations of democracy like the upboat system


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

Yeah we're lucky to not use votes for site wide important decisions


Fossidarity wrote

Actually votes do influence important site decisions, first of all they decide the order of comments and secondly they influence people their perception of the actual comment themselves. Many times I noticed how I first looked at the vote count before reading the actual comment. That's why I'm using a theme without vote counts now.


Snowy wrote

If you selling a shitty product, you can buy countless upvotes to let anyone who believes in this system. The problem is people are so easy to trust a system such easy to buy.