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Snowy OP wrote (edited )

I was thinking about the correlation between Facebook and mental illness...they using their real name to design a fake self on Facebook, which reminds me of the concept of schizophrenia. Or maybe after they give every best moment in their life on Facebook ...the real person is a mummy that after being sucked out all of happiness.

When the time of the rise of Facebook, I remember that many people felt worried about using their real name on the internet, and the mainstream media used tons of propaganda to promote this website. I thought it's a site that most people just want to use it for a few months, but I was wrong. The whole thing is ...designed to rise.

3 things people are bombarded by mainstream media that I thought it won't being prosperous: Facebook/Twitter

Bitcoin(I thought: A tool for freaks getting child porn)

Terrorism(When I was a child, I thought: why all of you don't need a trial to prove bin Laden is guilty?)

But I was terribly wrong...this crazy world.

So, the software you mentioned on here, most people on this planet won't use it since the mainstream don't give them a damn, but people on this website may really need them. Especially the Facebook banned tons of things recently.

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