Is it possible to live life without judging others?

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Recently I got quite the shock learning that a good friend of mine is actually very judgemental of people (at least he seems conflicted on that aspect of his personality and is working on it which is a good thing). This got me thinking about my own judgments and how I try not to judge people, considering the new year I figured now was as good a time as any to start trying to live a positive and non-judgmental lifestyle. So yall, is it possible to be a bastion of wholesomeness or is it just me trying to compensate for my own failings and being ‘fake’ ?


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bloodrose wrote

Everyone judges. I think what we are disturbed by is negative judgments. Mister Rogers judged everyone positively, he saw the good in people. I try every time I have a negative judgment about someone to think of one good thing about them. I don't have such a good time of it when someone has authority over me, though. Damn, I can't find the good in the bosses.


Fossidarity wrote

Something that helps me a lot with this is realizing that a lot of the bad of people is just a result/reflection of their environment, so it makes it easier to look past the people themselves. I'll also make an exception for authority figures though :)


bloodrose wrote

That's a really good point. My husband who is a stay at home father will stay with my daughter playing at the park after her preschool. He says he has noticed that every child who hits or pushes is similarly hit or man-handled by their parents. It's so clear their behavior is taught.


PieIsRound wrote (edited )

you know, i don't really judge other people based upon what they look like or the things that they have done. i feel like my depression has robbed me of my general sense of self worth; if you're already the lowest of the low, then who are you to be judging others? I think that as humans we naturally judge each other, and it's healthy to a certain extent (sometimes we all need a little constructive criticism), but once it gets to more problematic things, such a race, or a person's socioeconomic status, then we need to keep our biases and judgments in check.

what im trying to say here is: it's actually a good thing that you have the ability to judge others, and so long as you aren't judging them based upon who they are, then you're fine. i wish i could do it without feeling like a complete piece of crap afterwards lol


Fossidarity wrote

I don't think you should consider yourself the lowest of the low since you already see that judging people on things like race or socioeconomic status is problematic. I know tons of people who could learn a lesson from that!


selver wrote

It sounds impossible to me. Evaluating the behavior of other people seems pretty essential to living in the world.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

In my experience when people say "judging" they don't mean the kinds of evaluations we are always making but a kind of moral condemnation that involves looking down on a person and understanding oneself as superior.

This is something I do think we can avoid.