Secular alternatives to "Oh my God"?

Submitted by sudo in AskRaddle

"Oh my God" has always been my go-to phrase for expressing shock. But, seeing as I'm atheist, I think it's a bit silly to swear on a god that I don't believe in. So, I'd like to replace this phrase with a secular one. The problem is, alternatives like "Oh my goodness" don't have the same punch to them, and they sound like you don't want to say 'God' because you don't want to take his name in vain, instead of the real reason of not believing.

What are some good secular alternatives to this phrase, that aren't also weaker?


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zzuum wrote

Say oh my gods and make everyone look at you strange


BigGeorge wrote

oh fuck, oh shit, oh hell


Witchman05 wrote (edited )

How dare you use the name of Our Lord and Saviour Fuck in vain!


sudo wrote

Hmm, those could work in situations where something surprising and also bad happened. But I'm looking more for a phrase that works in situations where the surprise is good, bad, or just neutral; like a stronger version of 'wow'.


bloodrose wrote

I like "Oh my stars and garters!" Or just "Oh my stars!" for short. Sometimes I go with plural "gods".


flicker wrote

Why not just agitate to desecularize the word?


sudo wrote

What word? God? I'm pretty sure that's already the least secular word.


kore wrote (edited )

holy cowwwwwwwwwww though maybe that's not good vis a vis Hinduism.... idk


gone wrote


Mercy, Maud!

Geez, Louise!

Heavens to Betsy!