How to avoid taxes?

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I'm not sure if this has been asked before but how do I avoid taxes? Primarily income and property tax? I've heard of becoming a "perpetual traveler" so you pay little to no tax, but honestly that lifestyle just can't work for me. Is there any way to avoid paying income tax in my own country? And can I avoid property tax?

Say I'm paying rent, the government is gonna want to know where I'm getting that money. Do I just hide most of my income to pay less tax? If so, how do I do that safely? I don't want to support my government but I also don't want to go to jail, so I'm only open to methods that are safe to use.



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alex wrote

Depends on what country you live in. Try finding a job that pays strictly in cash is probably a good start.


SleeperCylon wrote

I don't want to support my government

You do know that your taxes fund more than just the government, right?


QFTj0ykv wrote

The best you can do is try to make most of your income in cash, crypto, or gold. Imo its best to save it in Monero as its super easy to hide that you own anything. Aside from that I guess you can move in to an abandoned house but not only is that probably very illegal where you are, but you probably won't have anything like water or internet.

I guess you could also just move in the wilderness but that's a ton of fucking work.

Honestly just try to make most of your money in cash, crypto, or gold and hide it. You'll still have to pay tax but it'll be greatly reduced.


bloodrose wrote

In the US, I've heard of people who purposely take jobs that put them below federal income tax levels to avoid helping pay for war. They still pay into Social Security and local and state taxes usually. But, you can't really afford a place to live and food on that wage. You'd have to have somewhere to live for free to do that. And those I've heard who do that often live on a relatives land or something similar.


BigG wrote

First of all don't pay rent. Get an old RV or something. I built a shack on a small piece of farmland I bought without asking the government's permission.