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In general bureaucracy is perceived as a bad thing. But when it slows down the functioning of big corporate entities and governments, isn't it a blessing in disguise?

A more practical example: if you're working for a government or corporation should you promote practices that are very bureaucratic and decrease the actual work done?



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forgotten_passwords wrote

Well if you are ok with making more bullshit jobs and siphoning more wealth from the poor sure.


rot wrote

yes. why would you even need to ask?


jaidedctrl wrote

Some level bureaucracy can be good for productivity— but after some point it starts being a hindrance. Whether you want the sweet-spot or the hell-bit depends on whether or not you like the organization. :P


rot wrote

They would raise prices or lower wages to avoid losing profit. Or if they realize that the jobs are bullshit and arn't needed they'll fire the employees.


MHC wrote

I have been applying for a pension. It didn't help that the Web application form is badly designed. Like just sufficiently functional to claim that something sorta kinda might work sometime. But navigating that system is very time consuming.