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bloodrose wrote

I think the difference between Dave Chappelle and your gay friends is the audience. Your gay friends are doing it amongst themselves for themselves. Dave Chappelle is doing it in public for everyone, and I would argue mostly for whites. The Chris Rock piece about black people vs. slurs has been used by white racists for quite some time. Did he intend for it to be used that way? Clearly not but it was said in public and became available to the non-oppressed class. So while I agree about not punching below your weight class, I do think keeping in mind who can see it is vitally important. I'm pretty firmly against racist/ableist/sexist humor online no matter who the source of the joke is because the audience is so broad.


mouse wrote

yeah, Ive been over "edgy" jokes since middle school anyway. White folk appropriating black humor into racism is a very real problem