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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Where I feel sketch about that in relation to some idealized commune is that if we treat my body and my mental health as something to be given freely, it creates a sort of entitlement to those services. Like, yes, I can refuse and I have more protections than I do under capital, but while I don't see sex as something particularly sacred, I'd be very creeped out by a guy approaching me asking that I fuck him as mutual aid because of the power dynamics that existed before the commune and will continue to exist into its birth. Beyond that I'm sketch about utopian views of communism in general, because I feel like a lot of harm could come to me and my sisters if less well intentioned folk tried to frame it the way you're framing it right now. Like, I can't see it as an Eden where we'd be suddenly free from patriarchy and trans/misogyny just because of the Revolution or whatever.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Those are all excellent points. I completely agree that just because capitalism is gone doesn't mean that all of the historical power dynamics and general bigotry/sexism/misogyny disappears, and feeling entitled to sex would be something that a "utopian" commune would have to address. I guess I don't know the best solution, and I definitely don't want to put people in dangerous or coercive or exploitative situations. I think that to expect the situation to exist where that danger is gone immediately is naive, and a comrade's safety is more important than theoretical purity.

Thanks for the excellent and thought provoking responses.