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ziq wrote (edited )

I think from an anarchist perspective it's a spectre. It's a word used by fucked up people to excuse the fucked up things they do, like the mass slaughtering of caged animals for their pleasure.

or this:


LostYonder OP wrote

so, on one level it is just a construct to employ to justify all kinds of actions, some of which are in fact quite inhumane. On another level, it is a normative code devised by an authority to define certain behaviors as acceptable and others as not - is that a correct reading of your points?


ziq wrote

Yes but you phrased it better.


[deleted] wrote


ziq wrote (edited )

It's the eternal struggle against (human) authority. The vast majority of people seek and enable authority. They also decide what qualifies as 'humane'. So for anarchy to be 'humane' it would need to suit their warped senses i.e. stop being a struggle against authority.