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ziq wrote (edited )

Good politics.

The people that are here have good politics, so all the people with bad politics are too intimidated to post.

People are used to reddit / facebook echo chambers where anything that contradicts their insular worldview is instantly purged from sight.

They did try to bring their circlejerk cults to raddle a few times (kicking up a ton of drama when they were met with resistance), but they eventually retreated back to their venomous faux-radical 19th century echo chambers rather than allow themselves to grow politically and abandom their toxic politics and ahistorical, unscientific roleplaying.

Going beyond communists / socialists tho...

The entry barrier on raddle is super high. Most people are unwilling to do the work to meet it, and know they'll feel completely exposed as soon as they say something ignorant or bigotted, or even just naive.

We'll go through great lengths to avoid damaging our egos, so posting in a place this worldly and aware is a hard ask. It's very intimidating to people that don't dedicate their lives to thinking about the world's problems like we do.

My partner said something like we spend too much time focusing on problems and not enough on solutions. But I don't know how to find solutions when most of the problems are well outside our field of influence. And just not talking about the problems or identifying them seems even worse than failing to solve them.


urg3t0ki11r151ng wrote

I agree. In my case there are loads of interesting submissions but to comment on it and have something valuable to say is another thing. So most of my interaction is lurk and vote.


ziq wrote

It's always good to hear from lurkers, to try and understand your needs.


SNABSjwkajs wrote

The entry barrier on raddle is super high

Not as high as right wing "free speech" sites like voat that impliment minimum karma amounts that are really high just to post or downvote.

You guys have done a good job at least allowing decent to come here imo, but the issue is you guys ban it more often than not. Disagreeing and calling it out ia fine, but outright bans are not going to make other opinions want to come


LostYonder wrote

Overall, there is a lot of positive aspects to Raddle - the creators, monitors, and all the contributors have lots to be proud of. It is an exciting site. For me personally, I check in now and then, get caught up with news and analysis, but like some others, feel the interactive aspect of it is less developed.

In part, I find the format of the site to be less "dialogical" - one can leave a response to some posting, but it soon disappears as new posts emerge, burying older ones quite rapidly, not allowing for an extended conversation over time beyond the first day (if even that) of when a posting is made. There is little opportunity, I find, for extended dialogue.

As some said, perhaps that is a good thing as we certainly don't want to devolve into a "comments section". But it seems there could be greater opportunity for open discussions with a slightly different format. One could include some posts in a separate column that are always present, or create it more as threads rather than individual postings. There are so many different "forums" they don't really work as distinct threads...

It is great as it is, but it does lack some qualities...


zzuum wrote

I feel like it's fairly active, just not compared to Reddit which is huge


SNABSjwkajs wrote

Ehhh even then compared to othe reddit alternatives like voat or notabug we could see some more activity here. (Not taking a stand on saying these sites are good, just that they get more traffic).


existential1 wrote

We're still a stark minority and there are some social media giants that people are infatuated with.


videl wrote

Idk but it's active enough for me. Sort of prefer it this way.


alex wrote

i agree. i wouldn’t mind a few more users but i think it’s fine the way it is now.


rot wrote

Anarchism/leftism/communism isn't that popular and raddle isn't widely known of

I like having a small site to go to though, most people are terrible; double when they're online.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


SNABSjwkajs wrote

The issue is that much of the left sees mainstream platforms censorig the right but not the left (or at least as much) and think thats a good thing.

Sadly, they do not have the foresight to see that the pendulum will come around to censor them soon enough too, as the goal of the mainstream media is simply to promote advertising friendly coperate centrist-liberalism.

No one will want to move untill its too late.


GrimWillow wrote

Pendulum? The left has, for a long time, been the ones that are censored far more.