Dating sites for Socialists?

Submitted by PerfectSociety in AskRaddle

Anyone know of any dating sites for socialists that are reasonably (as reliable as major dating sites - not a high bar, I know) protective of privacy as well as have people serious about dating and not just trolls or people looking to make friends?


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boringskip wrote

There was literally an undercover that fathered a baby with an activist he was investigating


rot wrote


don't do this it's never safe


noticeweird wrote

I feel like this would open you up to lots of dangerous situations. Moreso because your political beliefs would be attached to your face and make it easy to be targeted.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I've found it easy to meet people on OKC when in large US cities. Not so much where I presently live.

I'm generally not attracted to people until I've gotten quite a sense of them so things like Tinder/Grindr don't seem like good options for me.