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Fossidarity wrote

If people their intention is pushing all white people away here they're failing, since I'm white and also an admin on this website.

It's not demeaning at all and as a white person you should understand the tragedies that have been committed under the guise of "white flesh".


Simon87 OP wrote

Most of us don't keep going places where we are made unwelcome for the colour of our flesh.


martasultan wrote

I'm afraid most minorities don't have much choice in living in the USA, given the US tendency to limit that ability.

Oh, wait, is that not what you meant?


ziq wrote (edited )

Has it ever occurred to you that 'solidarity' is a 2 way street? And the person with the unfair power advantage needs to humble themselves a bit in order to earn the right to 'solidarity'?


ziq wrote

Also has it ever occurred to you that the left vs right dictum you're perpetuating is the real thing that kills 'solidarity'?


ziq wrote

Because if you're going to be offended by in-group out-group culture, why are you pushing a ridiculous left team vs right team world view?


wild_liger wrote (edited )

Imagine that your existence is so pathetic that the only thing you have to identify with is a legacy of oppressing people.


emma wrote

Shut the fuck up.


KacperTheAnarchist wrote (edited )

We need white genocide.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote


I love white genocide, is there a white genocide forum?


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

I'm white, and I can recognize the centuries of oppression in the past and how that affects the present without being personally wounded.

If the threads on here "pushed you to the right" you were already there, this just gave you the excuse you were looking for. So if that's true, then get your racist ass out of here, you're not welcome.


EatTheRich wrote (edited )

haha, I'm another whitie and laughing at your fragility right now. You're so self righteous about how terrible it is that we "demean" white people by pointing out the oppressiveness of whiteness while being forced to live in a white supremacist state. If you're not a comrade with the oppressed in intersectional ways, then you're not a comrade at all.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Sorry I can't hear you over my extreme contempt for the english. Tiocfaidh ár lá!

No but like cry harder. Do you have weeping fits when someone calls you white boy?


bloodrose wrote

Wait. Is this in response to my post New! A Hotline for Racists that you called divisive? It was making fun of people who call the police on black people for doing things that aren't crimes. Being made fun of is kinda the least of the consequences they should face. This isn't attacking white people. It's making fun of white people who are making black peoples' lives hell for no good reason.


mouse wrote

dude i'm pretty sure about 50% of the users here are white. I am. get the fuck over yourself, nobody's gonna hurt you.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

Yes, I understand the struggle that all the non-white folks have had through the world's history and i dare think it's really counter productive to villanize whitey. After all we are the ones in power.