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ziq wrote (edited )

My own future? Sure. We're fortunate to be the last generation that gets to live on a generally habitable Earth. At least for a few decades.

Humanity's future? Nah. It's over. The planet will hopefully recover in a few hundred thousand to million years, but the human species screwed the pooch big time and after we drove 80% of all species to extinction with our greed-fueled civilization (soon to be 99%), we can't really pretend we have any right to continue being here. We're an incredibly self-destructive species and whatever good things we accomplished with our culture don't mean much compared to the mass destruction we wrought on everything we touched.

We're an evolutionary deadend by necessity. Nature will correct the destructive path our absolute domination of the planet has gone on.


arduinna wrote

The worst part is I expect rich people to figure out some bullshit moon-bunker with SpaceX or some underground setup or something to continue their tradition of escaping the destruction after fucking everyone else up, leaving us to take it.


Communism_not_Barbarism wrote

We would never allow that to happen, the people will seize the means of production long before they could get off of the planet, and then all of us will be able to leave for greener pastures.


RedParrot OP wrote

I fear you might be right there. Being a part of humanity, I can't really get rid of my desire for us to do well (Up until just a few years ago I was huge on space and automation), but it feels like that may be a pipe dream at this point. I do still hope though, as futile as it might look right now.


ziq wrote

Yeah. Taking our brand of totalitarian destructionism to space would just end up destroying more ecosystems.

We had our time in the sun, it was fun while it lasted. Time for something better to evolve when we're gone.


RedParrot OP wrote

I guess I should have expected this thread to just depress me further. It's gonna suck real bad to see it all slowly end. It's hard sometimes to think about my own happiness: Good food, time with friends, fulfilling relationships when I'm essentially living on a ticking time bomb. I've been getting super down about it this last while.


ziq wrote (edited )

The whole manifest destiny in space thing is pretty farcical since it assumes humanity is this amazing special thing that needs to be preserved at all costs. We couldn't even keep our own habitat intact because we were so disgustingly gluttonous. We're really not that smart.

We slap words like 'green' and 'sustainable' on completely destructive things and pat ourselves on the back for it. We're just ridiculously unevolved.

Don't be depressed though, it's hilarious. It's a farce of epic proportions and you get to watch the final act. You had no control over the course of events that led us here so you may as well just kickback and enjoy the end.


Communism_not_Barbarism wrote

I made an account just to say you're clearly not a communist and this kind of doomsday talk only creates apathy in the working class and strengthens the bourgeoisie. There's no reason we can't build a more sustainable society after the proletarian revolution.


martasultan wrote

I made an account just to say you're clearly not a communist

literally how is that relevant though