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ziq OP wrote (edited )

The thing about star trek is no one is fighting for anarchy. Everyone has submitted to the galaxy-wide government that assigns everyone positions in society and rewards them with carefully-rationed food and things from the replicators and mindless entertainment / sex in the holodecks.

Star Wars has a totalitarian galaxy-wide order too, but the rebels are fighting it and resisting its spread every step of the way.

The difference between the 2 governments is that the trek federation is supposedly a benevolent authority, while the star wars empire isn't. But that's only because the trek society have become resigned to accepting their rulers' authority over their lives and the star wars society hasn't.

I think star trek is worse because of this. Star wars people still fight for freedom, even if a lot of them are foolishly fighting to restore the republic, at least they're fighting for something. Trek society is just a perpetual circlejerk where they sit around pleasure-planets thinking about how moral and awesome they are spreading their state-socialism and human-values to every race in the galaxy. It's sickening, really.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

They're both entertaining but fundamentally flawed to an anarchist.

Star Wars has royalty even among the rebels and everyone looks to Jedi and Sith for leadership.

Star Trek's society is a utopian vision of authoritarian socialism, which is as realistic as utopian libertarian capitalism. Nobody rebels because the society they live under is unimaginably better than any real authoritarian socialists (or libertarian capitalists) would create, even with 24th century technology.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

DS9 at least addressed that with the Maquis and Bajoran rebels, and made the Feds a lot shadier in their relation to those conflicts, with the implication they've been just as shady in similar ones.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Ds9 also introduced section 31 and the infiltrated admiralty and basically poked holes in the whole 'divine flawless socialist state' bullshit Rodenberry peddled for decades.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Farscape is the only space opera I'd want to live in btw. Star Wars and Star Trek people are all liberalism-fetishizing bootlickers in different ways.


martasultan wrote

I'm not so sure Firefly counts as a 'space opera' strictly, but I've gotta say that seems pretty cool to me too.

Haven't seen Farscape though, got a good hook for it?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Escaped convicts, including an anarchist steal a living prison transport ship and go on the run from the Peacekeepers (a species of genetically engineered cops) and 2 empires that are hunting them. A human astronaut accidentally gets transported across the galaxy through a wormhole and is forced to join them. The 2 empire's want his brain to unlock the secrets to wormholes.

Also, muppets.


zzuum wrote

Always like star wars more. There's more to cheer for when they blow up empire ships


rot wrote


the first 3 books