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ziq wrote (edited )

What about people like me who are completely unable to do math and struggle with simple instructions and language because of our disability and are constantly called stupid because of it? It's like you're narrowing the definition of 'disability' to only meet your own disability.


jonniedarc wrote

I appreciate your perspective on it and I respect that there are disabled people who make the association between intelligence and disability because it's been employed as a pejorative against them. But I personally don't believe that not being able to do math or struggling with instructions actually makes a person unintelligent.

I think intelligence refers generally to seeking more knowledge on any topic and thinking critically before accepting new information. I totally 100% disagree with the notion that these are traits that are associated one way or the other with having any disability. In fact I would argue that disabled people are more often the victims of a lack of critical thinking than the perpetrators of it, so that's why I'm hesitant to explicitly link intelligence and disability. I just don't see them as being correlated.

That's just my perspective on it and I can still respect people's preferences, I'm just trying to express that different disabled people can come down differently on this.