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sudo wrote

OP, ask this question to disabled people in real life. Don't worry about whether the words could theoretically be considered ableist. What matters is if disabled people do find them offensive. You're not going to get any meaningful answers here.

For what it's worth, I've asked this question to several disabled people I know, and none of them have told me they find the "historically ableist" class of words offensive. I think this whole "you can't use the word stupid" thing was started up by allies, who decided on their own (without consulting with disabled people) that any word that could be interpreted as ableist, is ableist, no matter how tenuous the association. They then went around and made a show of calling out people using those words, to prove that they're a Good Ally™. But they missed the point. Being a good ally isn't saying "I'm going to do X to help you." It's saying "What can I do to help you?"


ziq wrote (edited )

Why are you assuming no one here is neurodivergent or otherwise deficit? I'm dyspraxic and have directly said in this thread that these words have been used to hurt me... This is the second time I've seen you insist 'stupid' etc. isn't ableist. Cut it out.


rot OP wrote (edited )

This is why I asked raddle. To get multiple opinions.