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Flopmauser OP wrote

Okay, I can understand that perspective, and I'll take it in that light. I will admit I do have worry that such vehement rhetoric can easily give birth to actual hate, but I will do my best to not judge and keep an open mind about it.


ziq wrote

why don't you link to specific instances so we don't have to speculate about what offended you?


BunnyBop wrote

I won't lie, there are probably some people who do hate white men, but I don't think they're the majority at all. I'd say most people who state the things you're concerned about are just cautious of white men, if not resentful that a great deal of the world has been built around them and that they can present a danger to the rest of us, but they don't hate you. I don't speak for everyone, but it's probably more disappointment than hate.