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BunnyBop wrote

I think the other day I made a comment to a cis male troll that his opinions on gender would never be relevant. I don't know if that's a comment you saw, but either way, when I made that comment, it wasn't meant as a personal insult to all cis males, but rather a statement that they generally don't have a lot of new perspective when it comes to gender. You, as an individual, may have some insight I haven't heard before into your own gender or gender in general, but that's not usually the case when the world was built for cis male supremacy for a long time.

When people say stuff like "male = fragility" or "cis men's opinions aren't relevant" it's both a way to blow off steam and an acknowledgement that the world generally serves those perspectives and not our own.


Flopmauser OP wrote

Okay, I can understand that perspective, and I'll take it in that light. I will admit I do have worry that such vehement rhetoric can easily give birth to actual hate, but I will do my best to not judge and keep an open mind about it.


BunnyBop wrote

I won't lie, there are probably some people who do hate white men, but I don't think they're the majority at all. I'd say most people who state the things you're concerned about are just cautious of white men, if not resentful that a great deal of the world has been built around them and that they can present a danger to the rest of us, but they don't hate you. I don't speak for everyone, but it's probably more disappointment than hate.


ziq wrote

why don't you link to specific instances so we don't have to speculate about what offended you?