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ziq wrote (edited )

Where I'm from, the 'communist' party is the biggest political party and they're unapologetic state capitalists that did immense damage to any anti-capitalist notions last time they were in power. There's also a smaller 'socialist' party that's nationalistic and rightwing. So both those movements have been effectively rendered useless here.

Anarchists are few and far between; I've known a few over the years but they were just bored middle class kids and not really worth the time of day. I'm pretty isolated as far as organizing goes. But even though they don't identify as anarchists, there are some good people growing things and building things in these mountains far from the state's reach and I'm a lot more interested in individualist anarchy (and direct action against immediate threats) than any notions of a communist revolution. I'm involved in a lot of anarchist projects of my own, but not with other people.