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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Right now I'm working on a propaganda project, an educational project, and working as support for some friends I'm in solidarity with in their major projects. Some really cool stuff and also some quite frustrating stuff that nevertheless gets important things done.
And I participate in things here :)

Anyway, what I've written here probably sounds like quite a bit, but in reality most days I struggle to get anything done. I find that I have got generally a lot more energy for stuff I believe in though, and in particular things where I get to grow relationships with people I have affinity with.


rot wrote

no :(

I don't really know how to start things like that. I'm not a talkative or outspoken person


ziq wrote

You don't have to start it if there's already a group in your area. You could just show up and sit there and listen as the others talk.


rot wrote

I don't know of any far-left programs around me other than Food Not Bombs. There's no antifa or even dsa chapters here that I know of.


BunnyBop wrote

Unfortunately, no. I would if I had a group of like minded individuals to team up with, but there aren't any in my area, as far as I know. I have no experience in organizing so I don't want to start one out of fear of both fucking it up and drawing attention to myself.

I've wanted to be a part of some recentish protests but my anxiety and the fact that I would be going on my own has scared me away.

There is one group of organizers I've heard about in a town an hour away, but I haven't heard good things about them and other anti-fascist groups have denounced them, so I haven't checked them out.


ziq wrote (edited )

Where I'm from, the 'communist' party is the biggest political party and they're unapologetic state capitalists that did immense damage to any anti-capitalist notions last time they were in power. There's also a smaller 'socialist' party that's nationalistic and rightwing. So both those movements have been effectively rendered useless here.

Anarchists are few and far between; I've known a few over the years but they were just bored middle class kids and not really worth the time of day. I'm pretty isolated as far as organizing goes. But even though they don't identify as anarchists, there are some good people growing things and building things in these mountains far from the state's reach and I'm a lot more interested in individualist anarchy (and direct action against immediate threats) than any notions of a communist revolution. I'm involved in a lot of anarchist projects of my own, but not with other people.


throwaway wrote

I'm speaking at a GNU/Linux & Free Software workshop that i organized in two days! Pretty excited.


heckthepolice wrote

Not really, though I'd like to. I think I'll probably have to get out of this town first. Pretty sure I'm literally the only anarchist here.