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Pop wrote

I don't have pets

What is the alternative? To kill the pet?

For me this pet thing is complicated; I simultaneously

  • care about animals and don't like the horrible ways that they are treated in this world
  • am aware that for some people, having a pet is some important shit that keeps them together
  • recognise how groups of people are dehumanised and seen/treated 'like animals', and that racists and others tend to focus on green issues in their closedness to engaging racism
  • find it hard to see people who buy food and toys and like a dog bed or whatever for their inside dog while there are homeless people
  • think that if people treat their pets like family then this is in some ways a similar kind of question to 'how can we feed our children without destroying the environment' - especially for those people who are from point 2

I don't see much use in spending a lot of time trying to create relatively ethical ways of feeding your personal pet, and would be skeptical of people who did because I feel like there are better ways to spend the energy

perhaps my solution is to ignore this entirely and give my everything to destroying kyriarchy