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Nuktuk wrote

Dumpster dived meat is another great option. My housemate has recently started combining vegan pet food and DD'ed meat for his cat and has run into no issues so far. Probably better for the cat's health, too, than the non-human grade meat she used to eat.


Freux wrote

As far as I know, cats needs meat contrary to dogs and I don't think there is an ethical way of feeding cats. We destroyed their habitat, they can hunt but not enough prey to eat, people can be pieces of shit toward animals, there is cars everywhere, etc.

Until civilisation collapse we have a responsibilty over them, once we get there they could go back to the wild and come around us as they see fit.


zzuum wrote

I already feed my dog vegan but it's still from a major company that's helping destroy the Earth


Pop wrote

I don't have pets

What is the alternative? To kill the pet?

For me this pet thing is complicated; I simultaneously

  • care about animals and don't like the horrible ways that they are treated in this world
  • am aware that for some people, having a pet is some important shit that keeps them together
  • recognise how groups of people are dehumanised and seen/treated 'like animals', and that racists and others tend to focus on green issues in their closedness to engaging racism
  • find it hard to see people who buy food and toys and like a dog bed or whatever for their inside dog while there are homeless people
  • think that if people treat their pets like family then this is in some ways a similar kind of question to 'how can we feed our children without destroying the environment' - especially for those people who are from point 2

I don't see much use in spending a lot of time trying to create relatively ethical ways of feeding your personal pet, and would be skeptical of people who did because I feel like there are better ways to spend the energy

perhaps my solution is to ignore this entirely and give my everything to destroying kyriarchy