Best source for Russian history.

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I keep running into tankies on left book that act as if Stalin wasn't a despot but did the best with what he had and should be appreciated. I know as an American I was inundated with bad info about all "socialist" countries. And most of the info describing Stalin's abuses is largely useful propoganda. But it is undeniable to me he was an authoritarian shit heel. But the source I've cleaned this from is largely Chomsky and want to expand my knowledge.

What's a good source for why Lenin and Stalin betrayed the revolution that isn't propogandized? That has accurate numbers of their body counts? I get tankies will never be convinced but I want to to know the information for myself


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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Good question. I'm curious to see what other books and resources are suggested.

I found an autobiography by disgraced Soviet general Grigorenko. Most of the people in his home town in Ukraine were starved to death by Stalinist policies in the.. 1920s, I think. He lost dozens of friends and colleagues to execution for treason, and it wasn't until years later he realized they were guilty of nothing and confessed because they were being tortured.

Admittedly Grigorenko was accepted by the West and ends his book praising capitalism in the US. So it's hard to know how much of the book was propaganda by the US. But the stories are horrifying.


lookin4 wrote

  • Do postings in the public. Visit other neighborhoods, russian communities as a primary source.

  • Maybe you get lucky and can talk to a contemporary witness, their friends or relatives or they contact you and can provide old stories, diaries, photos.

  • Consult a trusted librarian for already published works, look for private migrant associations - maybe they have archives or can impart or even put you in contact with somebody. Write to different public institutions worldwide like university faculties and ask for recommendations, for comparison write also to communist parties.

  • Debunk propaganda by talking with others about your newest knowledge and be aware, that probably everything's ever written bears the authors hallmarks of some political view and interpretation.