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lookin4 wrote

I feel you. Um, how do I dealt with it... um... the last time my words weren't taken into account so I sent a zine to some of the other people. It was my intention to show them it is not just me who does not vote in elections. Still, some of them aren't satisfied nor seeing my point because it is "a hard-earned privilege" and therefor it is a morally obligation to participate. And because the political elite or celebrities will never be quoted that elections are useless, it's a self-fulfilling proof and loop that only "irrelevant" people would say that.

Every time there is also a choir of people stating "Who does not participate, strengthens the extreme edges within range and that is a threat to democracy". Some of them mention the far right (fascism, nazism) and some also the far left (not specified) pretending both are equally bad and the best thing is the center (like scale). Somehow ironic is, that they claim the center is in power since a few years and should always be in the future. Unconsciously they speak up for the status quo and present an argument for the no-need of voting themselves.