Who or what is the Librem5 target-market aimed at?

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Okay so english is not my first language, I apologise.

But as someone who has the crypto to buy a Librem5 mobile - I ask the question

= What type of person would pay for a gnome-fueled phone?

Is that where the limits of phone lie these days? - android derivatives.... I am keen to know your side.

Or are there any alternatives? please share your choice of system - as a developer Iwould like to know how you see the progress of mobile & if effectively the answer is just android or no-droid?

thank-you from Lesotho.



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throwaway wrote

The Librem5 phone is aimed at anyone who's concerned about either the privacy, freedom or security of smartphones. It doesn't solve all of the issues in these fields with modern smartphones, but it sure does a good job and comes very close (at a price).

I hope I understood your question correctly.