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RevolutionaryCatalonia wrote

I don't quite understand how he can be a liberal upholding the FOSS idea? Isn't that contradictory?


ziq wrote (edited )

He only applies anarchy in one specific area (computing) and considers it useless everywhere else. Most FOSS developers are the same way; some are even fascists. Pirates are the same way, and shoplifters, vegans, permaculturists, they all seem incapable of connecting the dots.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

In my experience, most people that experience some kind of political awakening or change experience it on a personal level in one domain first. A small portion expand from there, most others cling to their original beliefs and shoehorn in an exception.

For example, someone with Judeo-Christian beliefs comes to be vegan for ethical reason but ignores the fact that their religious writings are loaded with divinely sanctioned non-vegan meals. I still think using the term piracy for copyright violation is ludicrous, but anyway a so-called pirate rejects copyright laws and the ideas behind them. But the pirate never notices how capitalism and copyright laws are linked. The FOSS developer sees proprietary software and all of the freedoms it removes as an abuse of copyright and doesn't see that copyright itself is the problem. And so forth.