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ziq wrote (edited )

Me. I emailed him and asked him directly.

That article advocates going back to nature, and assumes anarchism would be great because it was great before. I see no reason to share that faith.


However, I distrust the Venus project's claim that advanced technology and AI will eliminate the problem of how to organize society. Advanced technology can be good; AI might be good depending on details. But that problem remains.

I don't have time to discuss it further.

Dr Richard Stallman President, Free Software Foundation


martasultan wrote

I somewhat appreciate his responses; he's one of the few liberals you can actually hold a discussion with, based on my experiences w/ him.


throwaway wrote

We need a state people for:

providing food, clothing and shelter to the poor
providing medical care and education to all
building roads, train lines, water pipes and sewers
funding research, including testing of pharmaceuticals
protecting public health
defending the nation
prosecuting perpetrators of crimes whether committed on a street or in a bank office
regulating businesses so they don't harm our health or our environment
ensuring workers can form unions; preventing exploitative working conditions
making sure employers don't steal employees' wages
inspecting foods for safety
Making sure products contain what they claim to contain and the stated amount, too
banning digital products that do DRM or censorship
reducing CO2 emissions to save us from global heating disaster
ensure that chemical products are not toxic
and protecting human rights for all