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edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

I could have sworn Raddle had a discussion about this a month or two back, but I can't find it.

I think free-as-in-freedom software is an essential tool for uncensored communication and privacy. And from that, it's a critical tool for anarchists. So I'd say most Raddle'ers have a partial alignment with Stallman and the FSF there.

But otherwise, he's a capitalism advocate. He sees all of the attempts at proprietary software, abuse of copyright laws, patent laws, and digital rights management (DRM) as flaws in the modern forms of capitalism. He has an ideal of a free market in which they are all removed. For me and for most others here, we see those things as inevitable byproducts of capitalism and impossible to remove while preserving capitalism. (That is, if you outlaw those things in a capitalist society, people who could make money by bringing them back will find a way to bring them back.)


ziq wrote (edited )

It was prob started by one of the shared accounts. A tankie logged into all of them and deleted pages of posts and comments right after someone noticed they were all being used to mass downvote anti-tank stuff.

There was one post about how Leninists are caps that I wish I had saved.