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ehsbsh wrote

ever considered the possibility of destroying from within though? If people were willing to talk and stuff, one could possibly rank up through their ranks and bring parts or all of it tumbling down.


Foreheader wrote

That's what reformist socialists have tried for ages and it hasn't worked. Once someone is privileged enough they try to preserve it, even if they were a revolutionary before. CEOs and other rich people know that people suffer because of them but to quiet down their concience they usually donate some of their money instead of trying to abolish their privilege. To be fair this doesn't apply to everyone (Kropotkin and Engels for example), but to the vast majority.


ziq wrote (edited )

Uh, no. I'm not buying a yacht and going undercover in a country club as a bourgie to say "you guys, maybe we should stop being wealthy and privileged and instead be equal with the peasants who polish our shoes?"