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ziq wrote (edited )

If you're a pacifist, just pretend I mean their wealth, power and status should be wiped out, not their entire existence.

God forbid they lose their 'right' to life for blowing up school buses full of children, enslaving generations of minorities in private labor-prisons, turning entire countries into rubble for embracing socialism, engineering famines that kill millions, sterilizing indigenous women or stealing their children and torturing them to death, and decimating the entire planet's ecosystems to enrich themselves.


GrimWillow wrote

I think u/Zzzxxxyyy felt that your description includes working class enablers of the wealthy elite to be wiped out. From how you worded it, I can understand their confusion. Many working class enablers of the wealthy elite include Anarchists, because we're all slaves and often have to do their enabling just to continue being alive. But, you know that, and I think this is all just discussing semantics now.


ziq wrote

By their 'enablers', I mean direct enablers: politicians, cops, etc.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Yeah, I guess I would want to get very specific here. I’m not exactly a pacifist, but I don’t support blanket violence either.

My tendency would be trial by jury with a bias for not murdering people, but stopping them from gaining power or leverage again.

And yes, I thought ‘enablers’ included working class people, which I think most working class people would also conclude.


ziq wrote (edited )

I'm not a communist so nothing I say is meant to envision some theoretical future model society with neo courts and neo jailers. I'm just an anarchist.