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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Really when it comes to Propaganda of the Deed, the thing to remember is how easily it can go wrong and well, one deed isn't going to be enough. The State has a damn near limitless amount of resources, so they can and will go after you; expecting anything less than this is a damn foolish thing. You're in for a long fight. This isn't like Star Wars where you just hit this one target and the State goes down like the Death Star.

Though an example of Propaganda of the Deed that actually worked, is the brave anonymous soul who punched the living daylights out of Richard Spencer. Spencer has said that actions like that have led him to cancel many speeches and meetings, because it's no longer fun for him anymore. In addition, the punch served as a reminder to people on the Left and generally marginalized groups that deep down, the dragon is a coward who talks big, but flees at the first sign of trouble. The punch is proof that the dragon can be defeated by revealing its many weak points to the world.

The infamous punch was memed to hell and back thanks to nerds on the Internet, so chances are, everyone has seen it and has their favorite version of it. Me, I like any and all versions, but my personal fave is the one sit to DMX's "X Gon' Give it To Ya" so that's what I'll link to. Because having a video of Richard Spencer getting that shit-eating grin punched right off his stupid face, improves every thread, regardless of content.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I like the case of Richard Spencer, and I think it's quite possible that if various antifa groups shut down people like Spencer and Yiannopolous with bullets rather than fists in a targeted and clear way that fashy people would be driven even further into political insignificance.

When it comes to leaders of countries and people with significant political clout within ' respectable' liberal politics, like Trump or Obama, murdering them would likely greenlight Friedman style shock capitalist crackdowns of dissent that may do more harm to preferable anarchist futures than not. (This is before we remember that replacing Trump would just mean that Pence is in charge). So I don't know what would be best there, but I suspect that the right conditions for propaganda of the deed would be rare. Which is why we don't see more of it.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

While I won't completely dismiss the use of bullets, I honestly think that actions like The Punch might work better in the case of guys like Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopolous. Both are so obsessed with a facade of hypermasculinity and strength that sometimes, actions like The Punch are enough. It revealed the weakness lurking behind all Richard Spencer's bravado and turned him into a goddanged joke, which is one of the worst things for a Fash. Few things do they despise more than being laughed at. Don't underestimate the effects taking the piss out of them can have.

I don't know if anybody on this board is as obsessed with animated movies and superhero films as I am, but what I liked about Rise of the Guardians (which might be Dreamworks's best movie) is that the key to defeating the villain, Pitch, the source of all darkness and misery in the world, turned out to be turning him into a joke, doing stuff like hitting him with snowballs while he's in the middle of his "You cannot defeat me!" villain monologue.

Fashs pretty much have to constantly maintain their facade of strength, because well, there's nothing to back up all their big talk. They know that if they show any vulnerability at any time, if someone sees it and uses the opportunity given to him/her, they will be challenged in some way or another. As soon as they're challenged, they start immediately demonstrating that the dragon is a coward and the dragon can be defeated.

It's sort of like what one of the kids in Rise of the Guardians said towards the end, when he's facing down Pitch: I believe in you. I'm just not afraid of you.