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martasultan OP wrote

This is mainly about liberals and such, who are already entrenched in their statist ideals- I feel like appeals to them are useless and usually are only at best able to get them to support minor increases in rights instead of complete anarchy, which is near impossible to convince someone of- usually you can only nudge them and hope they grasp it.

I feel the only anarchist action that works is action to better ourselves or directly attack that which we oppose, as for the mostpart its impossible to actually educate people outside of direct action (whether its by demonstrating via a coop farm or getting a nice riot going)


Splinglebot wrote

Were you not a liberal once? I don't think appeals to them are completely hopeless. We may only be able to nudge them a little at a time, but I think propaganda of the deed runs the risk of nudging them in the wrong direction - and getting them to support action against the movement.

I think there is a time and a place for it but we should be careful about how it's applied


ziq wrote (edited )

Anarchy isn't some centralized organization that they can crack down on in any real way. They can't start killing everyone who privately opposes their authority.

And if they did, it would damage them a lot more than it would damage anarchy.