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PerfectSociety wrote

My parents never raised me politically, at least not in any overt manner. If I had to label them, I guess I'd probably say they're more or less social liberals. They're immigrants from India and now would be considered Labor Aristocracy by Marxists. They've consistently voted democrat in every election. They often vote to raise their own taxes if they feel like it'll help society. They're largely pro-LGBTQIA rights.

Having said all that, politics was never regularly discussed in the household. The only time we talked about it is when I brought it up because of my interest. At times, I find that my Dad's political views are quite malleable and open minded. He's praised Fidel Castro a number of times and considers Cuba to be a "noble, virtuous" society. He places a lot of value on equality. He basically implied to me a while back that he was a Marxist-Leninist/Maoist when he was around my age.

And then...there's my extended family that lives in India. They're highly reactionary and hierarchically-minded people (on both sides of the family), much of which comes from their privileged position in the caste system but a lot also comes from the social mindset of India ("fuck you, I've got mine"). On my Dad's side of the extended family living in India (especially the old folk), there's a huge superiority complex that comes from the royal lineage in my family. My great-great-great grandfather was the Monarch of a kingdom.