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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I don't know what form the collapse will take, but it's my firm belief that open source, decentralized, federated communication software of all kinds will be a key component.

The current internet is structured to funnel all human interaction through Google, Facebook, Amazon, and similar companies and tools. They harvest your data and bombard you with advertising and propaganda.

When we cut the advertising, tracking, and propaganda out I think the nature of political discourse and the content of popular political ideas will shift.

But good tools for all of this either don't exist today, or are too complicated for most people to use.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

what tools are you thinking about that are available today but too complicated to use?


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

For a secure distributed social network: Secure Scuttlebutt ( ) - I'm setting up but haven't used it much yet.

For secure distributed file and other content sharing: The "dat" protocol and Beaker browser ( ) Closest to ready for regular users, but still not easy.

For hosting your own email: Mail-in-a-Box ( ) - you need to be pretty tech-savvy to use it.

For distributed, decentralized, impossible-to-censor search engines: Yacy ( ) - currently it works pretty poorly. Every time I tried it, it ran but gave me junk results.

For distributed, decentralized, server resource hosting for web applications: SAFE Network ( ) - some places group it with cryptocurrencies but the concepts behind it are different and it might be feasible. I'm watching it but not trying to use it yet.

And I like the idea of secure, untraceable currency transactions through cryptocurrencies but most existing cryptocurrencies are just energy-intensive pyramid schemes.

Many other similar such projects in all kinds of categories exist. But none have reached the "click to install and go!" stage.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

You may be interested in /f/nettle which is made by an raddle ex-user.