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gooey wrote (edited )

I guess environmental collapse will precede economic collapse; because no matter how much property they own, it'll be worthless once it's on fire / under water, and they won't give up capitalism / their power until there's literally no other option.

But this presumes capitalism is in their control when it's actually a total crapshoot. They can't control how the stockmarket fluctuates.


BigG wrote (edited )

The people I'm talking about don't give a shit about the stockmarket. They own real wealth: land, mines, water sources, oil fields, nuclear power plants. A Great Depression won't kill capitalism, it'll just render all the classes under the ruling class into a single 'poverty class' and the ruling (capitalist) class will keep on trucking.

As long as they control everything the 99% depend on to survive, capitalism will stick around.

When their real wealth evaporates or is rendered obsolete (which will take a total collapse of their highly insulated Western civilization); that's when capitalism goes away. But there might no longer be any point struggling to survive in the wasteland Earth will be by then.