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OldHippieChick OP wrote (edited )


No worries. My attorney friend person thingy was online and clarified that I described blackmail.

My family is just kind of weird is all. It isn't normal to scream, "That's not a person, that's a BUM!!!!!!!!" at your three year old the first time she sees a homeless person and asks, "Why is that man sleeping on the sidewalk?" but....

That does not make the three year old child some sort of teflon saint for noticing that grownups lie for the first time ever and crying about the unfairness of the world.

Little kids are just like that.

Grownups should have better impulse control. Sorry 'bout that, Raddle, I'm working on my problem.


RosaReborn wrote

Stay strong. Solidarity with the homeless and with you and the free thinking young girl!